13 Wonderful Things to do in Varkala for an Epic Trip


Red rocked cliffs hugging the coast, candy-coloured sunsets washing the skies, vibrant shops filled with rainbow-tinted dreamcatchers. This post is about the best places to visit and the best things to do in Varkala, a place synonymous with all the above-said words. I travelled to Varkala on a whim and immediately regretted it. But not … Read more

18 Incredible Places to Visit in Jaipur, India’s Pink City

Dreamy sunset at Nahargarh Fort- One of the best places to visit in Jaipur

With its pastel-coloured palaces and forts built out of sandstones, marbles and pink bricks. Vibrant and colourful markets bustling with activities, Jaipur truly is a traveller’s haven. After having visited this city a couple of times now, I can safely say that there are several incredible places to visit in Jaipur which are both popular … Read more

25 Magical Places to Visit in Gokarna in 2 Days


For years, Gokarna was revered as a pilgrim town and thousands of devotees flocked to this place to pay homage to Lord Shiva. There are a number of beautiful places to visit in Gokarna in 2 days. From pristine beige-coloured beaches lined with palm and coconut trees to quaint villages with their red-tiled roofs. A … Read more